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VERÓNICA ALCANDA: FOUNDER & CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

If you want to find a person with whom to establish a prosperous and happy long-lasting relationship, invest in a Matchmaker to ensure that, besides physical attraction, there are solid foundations that will make it durable.” (Verónica)

Everything started in 2001, when she returned to Spain after living 15 years abroad (USA, UK, France, Holland, Thailand and Australia). As Veronica seemed not able to find in her own country the emotional stability that always found in the past. Hence, she started wondering whether she was doing something wrong, until she understood the way relationships work had changed dramatically and that the line, “Would you like to go out with me??”, that she was so accustomed to, had become completely obsolete.

She tried the different means available to find someone special but none of them seemed to work because the low success rate, along with the time needed to invested in the search to find someone “decent” with the same values and life’s objectives was not worthwhile.

It was then that she decided to apply the extensive academic background gained in World’s Top business schools, along with her international professional experience in Human Resources field to “reinvent” the way of finding a life partner. Thus, she developed her own methodology, the so-called “Sentimental Head Hunting ” which applies Executive Search techniques to a personal domain in search of true love.









After more than 20 years experience in “matching” hearts in Andalusia, as well as experiencing firsthand the different ways of meeting people that exist in the digital era, I find that working with a Matchmaker is the most effective, private and confidential manner to finding your soul mate.” (Sonia)

Her 20 years working experience in upscale Matching Agencies around Andalusia provinces gave Sonia a thorough understanding of how the matchmaking has evolved in this region over the last two decades. What was once a common way of finding a partner, has now become completely obsolete and, just the opposite, which was less common here, and even suspicious, such as contact web pages, have become the preferred way of the Andalusia people but also a kind of maze where finding the way out is not always easy.

Then she decided to contact Veronica to let her know her upmost interest in joining the team and open a regional office in Andalusia and, after several meetings, many coffees (and a few glasses of wine) as well as long conversations of all kind, it was evident there was great affinity between the two and therefore, in December 2014, they decided to open a regional office in Málaga to provide matchmaking services in the South of Spain, the Andalusia market in Sevilla, Cordoba, Jaén, Granada, Cadiz and of course, Marbella and Málaga).