About Us

About Us

The birth of Alcanda Matchmaking in 2013 was the result of an unsatisfed need. High caliber people who were looking for a like-minded partner, ad wanted to do it privately, efficiently and with guarantees. During all these years we have managed to turn this around and make a reality, consolidating ourselves as undisputed leaders in the Matchmaking industry in Spain.

Our success rate, the highest in the sector, is the result of extensive experience in recruiting people and applying a holistic and professional approach. Behind all this is a team of extraordinary consultants, led by our founder Verónica Alcanda, whom dedicate their heart and soul to this noble purpose.


We are the first professional Matchmaking company in Spain and the creators of our patented method Head-hunting Sentimental©. But, beyond these achievements, what really makes us unique is the honesty with which we practice our profession and provide our services. We are aware that we cannot help everyone due to different circumstances, and when we feel that we cannot do so, we are honest enough to communicate this. We prevent them from investing in something with little chance of success and, above all, we avoid disappointing them, since we know that those who trust us place all their hopes and dreams in this process.

In addition, it is private and confidential, aimed at a niche market that values ​​their time, personalized treatment and face-to-face interaction, away from screens. For this reason, we hold in-person meetings and interviews with our candidates, ensuring that we meet the demands and requirements requested by our clients who are so committed to love and the future as a couple. We want to ensure that every connection is authentic and meaningful, based on the power of genuine human relationships.

There is another aspect that makes us truly unique: our extensive experience. We have been dedicated exclusively to offering Sentimental Head-hunting© services for more than a decade, both in Spain and abroad. In addition, we have in-depth knowledge of the Matchmaking market at a national and international level, as well as selection processes in the business world. With more than 30 years of experience in this field, we have worked on four continents, acquiring unmatched know-how that allows us to detect the emotional state in which each person we interview is and whether or not they are really prepared to fully embark on a romantic relationship.

And of course, we cannot forget the importance of our Network, because, although we already have a wide network of contacts, at Alcanda Matchmaking, we continue to carefully select people who want to meet our exclusive clients and who belong to the same socioeconomic level. and cultural. We only choose profiles that are 100% compatible after subjecting them to a rigorous selection and validation process. We understand that we work with the emotional and sentimental part and we do it with rigor and technique, but, above all, with a lot of heart.