If your heart longs to find that special person with whom you can share every moment of your life, at Alcanda Matchmaking we provide you with an exceptional and unique service. We are here to find a high-level couple for you, with the purpose of building together a beautiful life project based on values ​​and a style based on harmony to reach a common goal.

Our commitment is to identify, evaluate and validate with great professionalism, confidentiality and dedication, those profiles that meticulously meet your requirements to find your ideal partner. We take this task seriously and ethically, through our patented Head-hunting Sentimental© method. Trust us so we can find that true love that you deserve so much.


Dating webs and Apps do their job, but if what you really want is a stable and long-lasting relationship, they may not be the ones for you. The search for lasting love requires something deeper, something that has prevailed throughout the centuries: the delicate work of discreetly matching the right souls. It is a natural process that dates back to time immemorial and is based on experience, good judgment, honesty and authentic connections.

At Alcanda Matchmaking, this is precisely what we offer. Before starting to work with our select clients, we meet face to face with each of them, immersing ourselves in their personal world, their desires and their expectations for a future partner. We are governed by the highest ethical and professional standards, providing highly personalized and close attention, which our clients describe as exceptional. It is not surprising that many consider our services as an intangible luxury, since in each process we deliver more than words and promises.

In order to providing such a service, we carry out two types of searches: an active search for our Clients and a passive search for our Candidates.