We live under a new social paradigm in which, the starting point is globalization, conceived not only as a globalization of production and commercial exchanges across borders, but above all, as a way of how humans interact strongly influenced by mass media and social networks.

Individualism triumphs over traditional values, revealing the fragility of a “lonely self” constantly influenced by the stimuli that our society exerts on it. It is the era of the “selfie”, of the fast-EVERYTHING (fast-food, fast-learning, fast-paced, speed dating, etc.) and of the exchange of “commitment” for a misinterpreted “nonconformity”.

However, under this new social paradigm, the need to relate on an emotional level persists in order, in some way, to return to old traditions that break with the hegemony of this “individualist era”, incorporating alternative methods that unite us again at the social level. , but above all sentimental.

This is precisely our main goal; matching people, interested of building a life together based on traditional values. Our purpose, therefore, is to find, in a professional, confidential and highly personalized manner, high caliber profiles to be able to introduce them so that they can start a meaningful relationship, with common life objectives.

Our success rate, the highest in the Matchmaking industry in Spain, is the result of our long experience and our holistic approach to finding your partner, through our patented Sentimental Head-hunting Method©, delivered by an extraordinary team of consultants and researchers.