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The Method “Sentimental Head Hunting©” has been created by Alcanda Matchmaking to unite like-minded people with a firm commitment to share their lives.

Our method combines techniques commonly used in the Executive Search (Head Hunting) and is based on the ISO 10667 standards, which guarantees quality in the Provision of Services of Evaluation in the field of Human Resources.

However, when it comes to searching for a partner, we also apply a holistic approach as we take into account their desires, hobbies, personality traits, past experiences, life objectives, etc. to avoid falling into past mistakes in order to find their “perfect match”.

This Method consists of several phases and begins with a first meeting in person, with no obligations, where we identify the necessary requirements of the “ideal partner” as well as evaluate the mutual suitability between our firm and the potential client.

The phases, which are interconnected as the system of reassembly of the reversing wheels of a Swiss watch, are as follows:

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