Alcanda Matchmaking | 1ª empresa de Matchmaking profesional en España.

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We are a professional Head-hunting company, with more than 30 years of experience in selecting people, which we now apply in the search for long-lasting partners Candidates for our Clients through our pioneering and patented  Sentimental Head-hunting© method. A new concept that combines modernity and tradition through which we offer an exquisite and exclusive service for those in search of their soul mate.

Our method for uniting two people is based, in addition to the results obtained in the interviews and other selection tests, on intuition, presentiment and our know-how to be able to read “between the lines”, since we look far beyond, delving into the interior of each person, the sensations revealed by a gesture, a look or an aroma which tell us more than any other tangible element does.

Therefore, our services are solely and exclusively aim to finding for our Clients their soul mate. To do this, at Alcanda Matchmaking, we carry out two types of search: an “active search” for our exclusive Clientele; and a passive search for all the Affiliates who make themselves available to us by  joining us.


  • Extensive Matchmaking experience
  • Privacy & confidentiality guarantees
  • Signing of service provision contract
  • Professional and highly personalized service
  • Fees according to the type of contract:
    • National or internacional
    • Guarantee of “n” introductions
    • 6 – 12 month duration
    • Possibility of contract extension
  • 84% success rate

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  • Possibility to be introduce to one of our exclusive Clients
  • Privacy & confidentiality guarantees
  • No service provision contract
  • With no cost
  • Professional and highly personalized service
  • With no guarantee of introductions
  • No expiration date

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