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Matchmaking is a new business model with deep roots in the US and Northern Europe where it has been used successfully for over a decade. We are not a Dating Web Site or a Marriage Agency but rather focus exclusively on successful people who are seeking a stable life partner in a private and confidential manner.

In Spain it has been developed exclusively by Alcanda Matchmaking who has gone further in meeting its European customer’s needs by developing the exclusive Recruitment Matchmaking Method® which adapts techniques commonly used in the Executive Search (Head Hunting) field to the Spanish reality in order to find the “perfect match”. This is why we call this process Sentimental Head Hunting.

Many successful people find that after investing many years in their professional careers believe that they have already achieved all their life’s objectives, yet have not found that someone special to share it all with. The well-intentioned blind dates that loved ones set up, the various entertainment alternatives and even the multiple dating sites and applications widely available these days are not what is needed as this aspect of your life is too important to be delegated carelessly.

Recruitment Matchmaking Method®

This type of personalized methodology is possible thanks to the close cooperation we establish with all of our Clients during all the steps of our registered, Recruitment Matchmaking Method®. These steps are as follows (click on each one to display its content):


[accordion][accordion_label]1. The first contact[/accordion_label][accordion_content]

CIt consists of a personal meeting with the Client to learn about his/her personal history, lifestyle, expectations, partner preferences, “emotional baggage” and what has worked and what has not worked in their previous romantic relationships.

This deep knowledge about our Clients allows us to determine the type of partner that will be potentially more compatible. Identifying all of the requirements of their “ideal person” including emotional and sociocultural aspects helps the Client to recognize and avoid making the same mistakes in their future relationships.


[accordion_label]2. The search process[/accordion_label][accordion_content]

After having established the criteria for the search, all the Client’s details are collected in their “Ideal partner” profile which is mutually agreed to in a formally signed document. This document gives us the framework to commence the search, however since it is an on-going process it may vary slightly along the process and be updated.

Our in depth knowledge of the Spanish reality allows us to personalize the “search strategy” to the different channels which we consider to be the most appropriate for each customer’s needs.


[accordion_label]3. The evaluation: personal interviews [/accordion_label][accordion_content]

EOur team of consultants carry out in-depth interviews with Candidates who have been identified previously as a potentially compatible Match for our Client. Only in the event that we believe they are aligned in personality, life expectations and other parameters defined in the “Ideal partner profile” would we select this Candidate for a potential future introduction.

Additionally this process allows us to value face-to-face factors such as personality, emotional availability, life expectations, body language, personal elegance and other traits that cannot be assessed in a purely on-line experience.


[accordion_label]4. The introductions[/accordion_label][accordion_content]

We are not present during the introductory meetings, however we take care of all the organization of each meeting between the Clients and the person we believe may be their “perfect match.” This ensures a safe and pleasant environment as well as preserving and protecting the Client’s identity.

This is probably the most exciting phase of the process when they see each other for the first time. This meeting will allow the Client and Candidate to verify if there is “chemistry” and personal attraction, in addition to the other parameters already identified by Alcanda Matchmaking determining whether they are both interested in getting to know each other more deeply.


[accordion_label]5. The follow-up[/accordion_label][accordion_content]

After each meeting, Alcanda Matchmaking keeps track of feedback on both sides by recording their first impressions to assess whether both sides are interested in seeing each other again in order to explore a deeper relationship.

No matter what the feedback is, we always give constructive information to each person, as we firmly believe this phase is particularly important and offers great value to both; to the Client and the Candidate. The Alcanda Matchmaking consultant is the sole mediator and will give an objective and unbiased opinion about the positive and/or negative aspects of the meeting with the aim of not only to improving the quality of future meetings, but also to help them become better persons.





Prior to hiring our service, almost all of our potential clients ask us what is our success rate is and so after several years of experience, we consider important to mention it here.

First of all we should define what success means. To some it is getting married and starting a family, for others it is maintaining a passionate and sincere relationship lasting more than “x” number of months or years, and still for others it is simply to spend the rest of their lives together.

We understand that these are the personal goals of our Clients and their reasons for hiring us vary. For all of the above examples we are completely engaged in the process, but the actual ratio is difficult to quantify because we are not necessarily witnessing in many cases the longer term results of our matches.

Therefore, as professional Matchmakers, we base our success on two premises:

1st.- Customer satisfaction with the type of profile that we present as Candidates:

In this aspect, we are proud to say that the success rate is 100% and we believe that it is as of the result of our painstaking and professional work using our “Recruitment Matchmaking Method®” to select and filter each profile on a one to one basis before introducing them to a Client.

2nd.- Number of Clients we successfully match:

In 92% of cases, and throughout the process, there is a mutual desire from both parties, Clients and Candidates, to continue to get to know one other after the first date.

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