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In Alcanda Matchmaking we offer personalized services to our high calibre Clients, in a private and confidential manner, through our registered "Recruitment Matchmaking Method®" using the same techniques Head Hunters do but with a personal aim; to help them find that special someone with whom to share their life with.

If you think that special someone could be you, we invite you to Join our company as an Affiliate (there is no cost for Affiliates to join us). Just fill out the following confidential questionnaire and we will contact you if your profile meets one of our customers’ requirements.

Before we begin, we’d love to know how you’ve learned about us and what you think about our Method by answering to these three questions:

1ª How did you know about us?

2. Why are you interested in Alcanda Matchmaking?

3. Which other means have you tried to find your life partner?