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If you are looking for a high calibre partner and would like to meet one of our exclusive clients, we invite you to join us for free by completing our Confidential Questionnaire. Once we receive it, we will contact you when your profile fits the partner’s requirements of one of our clients, and vice versa, to assess and analyze in detail your potential match.


With us your personal data is protected according to the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we will never show it to anyone without your prior consent, because if we find a potential Match, we will contact you to carry out an initial interview, at which time we will ask for you permission to share your details, only and exclusively, to that potential Match.

We also have the SSL Security Certificate 123 from Thawte that encrypts the information on our website, guaranteeing confidentiality at all times.


Before we begin, we’d love to know how you’ve learned about us and what you think about our pioneer Sentimental Head Hunting© Method by answering to these three questions:

1ª How did you learn about us? *

ReferencePressPress (Digital)Internet (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc.)Social mediaBlogsDirect contact from Alcanda MatchmakingOthers means

Whose reference? *

FriendFamily memberAlcanda Matchmaking client/candidateAlcanda Matchmaking employee

Which Editorial? *

Which Blog? *

Which one? *

Which one? *

Which one? *


2nd Why Alcanda Matchmaking? *

RecommendationI have no timeConfidence in the professionalism of the method and its founderIt seems to me a novel and interesting way to find a stable partnerDistrust on contact websites and other on-line systemsDisappointed with the Marriage AgenciesI am too introvertedNew in the cityOther reasons

What reasons? *

3ª What other reasons have you experienced before to find a partner? *

NoneContact websitesAPPMatrimonial AgencyOthers

Which one? *

MeeticeDarlingAdopt a guyPOFZooskAshley MadisonStable coupleSingles Madrid/BarcelonaOther

Which one? *

Which one? *

I authorize Alcanda Matchmaking to treat my information for the indicated purposes.
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I authorize Alcanda Matchmaking to offer information about services related to those requested.


We inform you that, at the end of the questionnaire, you will be required to up load two photographs (one of your face and one of your full body), so we recommend you to pre-select them and prepare now. Note that the questionnaire will not be processed correctly without attaching them correctly.

The estimated time required to complete this questionnaire is approximately of 10-15 minutes. However, this time will be worth investing before the possibility of meeting someone really compatible with you.

There are several obligatory questions, marked with a red asterisk, to which you have to answer in order to continue. However, we strongly recommend that you answer all the questions, not just the obligatory ones, as the more details you share with us, the more likely we will be able to help you.

About you...

Gender *


Country of birth *

Nationality *

Best way to contact *


Best time to call *

In the morningIn the afternoonAt nightWeek-endsAny time

Por la noche a partir de las: *

Postal address (Street / Square / Avenue...)

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State *

Postal code

Country *

Own the property or do you rent it?

With whom do you currently live with? *

For you, living together as a couple is... *

Your current marital status is... *

For you marriage is... *

Academic level *

Do you consider that your cultural level is... *

What languages do you speak? *


Are you an only child?

Do you have children? *

How many? *

Would you like to have more kids? *

Do you want to have them? *

What are you like?

Your personality is… (Select only 3 options) *

AdventuressWell humouredConciliatorSpontaneousDemandingGenerousNonconformistRestlessLoyalProudSensitiveSociableLonelyTenaciousShyQuiet

Shape *

Eyes’ colour

Hair colour

Hair length

Your style

Are you romantic? *

Sex life in a stable partner is... *

Your professional activity

Current job situation *

Are you satisfied with your job?

Importance that you give to your job *

Annual income *

Do you have other type of income?

Which one?

Do you travel for work? *


Do you drink? *

Do you smoke? *

How important is to practicing sports? *

Do you practice sport regularly?

Which ones?

ChessBikeDivingExtreme sportsSailing sportsHorse ridingFitnessFootballGolfJoggingSwimmingPaddleTake a walkRollerbladingTennisTrekkingHikingSkiOthers

What do you do in your free time? (select one or several options) *

AfterworksCocktail barsGo out for dinnerDinner at home with friendsMoviesCookConcertsClubsShows (theatre, opera, museums)Parties between friendsReadMuseums and exhibitionsPractice sportsGoing out with friendsWatch movies on TVWatch sports on TVTravelOthers

Do you have pets? *

Which ones?

DogCatHorse / ponyInsectBirdExotic animalRabbitFishReptileOthe

Do you have an allergy to any type of animal? *

What type of animal are you allergic to? (select one or several options)

DogCatHorse / ponyInsectBirdExotic animalRabbitFishReptileOthe

About your “ideal partner”...

His/her personality is... *

AdventuredWell humouredConciliatorSpontaneousDemandingGenerousNonconformistRestlessLoyalProudSensitiveSociableLonelyTenaciousShyQuiet Mark only three options

Gender *

Age (minimum) *

Age (maximum) *

Minimum height (in cm.) *

Maximum height (in cm.) *

Shape *

What marital status would you prefer he/she had? (Mark one or several options)


For him/her marriage is... *

Does she/he has any children? *

Would he/she like to have children? *

Is he/she romantic? *

His/her minimum level of education is...

Is important that he/she speaks languages?

Which one?


Her/his hair length

His/her style

His/her most attractive feature

How important is for you your partner's physique versus his/her personality? *

His/her professional activity

Current employment status (mark one or several options) *

IndifferentUnemployedWork as an employeeSelf-employedLive from the rentsRetiredWithdrawal

Would you prefer she/he travels for work? (mark one or several options)

IndifferentI prefer he/she travels from time to timeYes, almost every weekYes, once a monthYes, regularly, but overnight at homeYes, only occasionally for several daysNo, never

Importance that he/she gives to his/her work

What do you think about the economic equity within the couple? *

His/her life style

Does he/she drink? *

Does he/she smokes? *

His/her eating habits (mark one or several options)

Eats all kind of foodOn constant dietEats healthy almost alwaysKosherHalalMacrobioticVeganVegetarianOther

Currently residing in...

With whom does he/she currently live with?

For him/her living together as a couple is... *

Does he/she practice sports regularly? *

Which ones? *

Anyone who practices itChessBikeDivingExtreme sportsSailing sportsHorse ridingFitnessFootballGolfJoggingSwimmingPaddleTake a walkRollerbladingTennisTrekkingHikingSkiOthers

What does he/she do in his/her free time? (Select one or several options)

Dancing (disco music)Dance (salsa)Ballroom dancingDIYMovie theatreCookPurchasesDecorIndoor sportsOutdoor sportsDrawing / Paintingto writeExhibitions / MuseumsPhotographyGardeningReadOperaWalksTheatreTVTravelsVideo gameOther

Does he/she have any pets?

What kind of pet? (mark one or several options)

DogCatHorse / ponyInsectBirdExotic animalRabbitFishReptileOther

About your past relationships...

Number of relationships you have had in your life *

How long lasted the longest? *

And the shortest one? *

With how many partners have you lived? *

The longest time you lived with a partner is... *

And the shortest? *

Your last relationship was ... ago *

How long did it last? *

Did you live together?

Do you think there are different types of infidelity? *

Would you forgive one? *


To complete your profile, please attach a couple of recent photographs (one face and one full body).

Photographs must be in JPG format and their size can not exceed 2 megabytes (MB). If you experience problems when uploading the photos, send us an e-mail to Remember, your photos, like all the data you have given us, are confidential and will not be shared with anyone without your prior consent.

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