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It could be said that the main difference is that we are the pioneers and precursors of Matchmaking in Spain and the only ones that we truly apply the common techniques used by Professional Head Hunters but us, in the search of a stable life partner.

However, and even being true, it is not really what makes us unique. Our main value above all, and what differentiates us from all the recent competition that has arose in Spain, is our HONESTY since, when someone is interested in hiring our services, and we determine that we can not help, for whatever reason, we are sufficiently honest with them to tell them openly, so that they do not waste their money in an unprofitable investment but, above all, because we do not want to create false expectations.

As a result, Alcanda Matchmaking offers an exclusive and personalized service where “face to face” interviews are the norm. Our unique system which we call Sentimental Head Hunting © is a tailor-made program  for each client. We get to know each of clients individually to find out their future goals and past experiences, interests and values, and most importantly their ambitions in terms of a life partner in order to find a person who will perfectly fit with him or her. We firmly believe that these are the pillars of a strong long lasting relationship.

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