Alcanda Matchmaking | 1ª empresa de Matchmaking profesional en España.



We function exactly the same wayas any Executive Search firm in thatwe wouldconduct several meetings with the client and potential candidates,but with a different purpose; to match two people to form a stable and long lasting emotional relationship.

We meet withour clienteleand listenvery carefullyto their desires, needs, goals, etc.. In the next step,we analyze their profiles anddefine the profile of their “ideal partner” together with them. Then in complete frankness and confidence we let them knowif they are being realistic in theirexpectations and requirement of the ideal match. Lastly, wedetermine if wecan seriously assist them with the searchand if the conclusion is positive for both parties, and then we design a search profile based on his/her needs and the requirementsfortheideal partner. Once the client approves the profile; the active search is initiated through our extensive network of contacts and professionals.

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