Many successful people find that after investing many years in their professional careers believe that they have already achieved all their life’s objectives, yet have not found that someone special to share it all with. The well-intentioned blind dates that loved ones set up, the various entertainments alternatives and even the multiple dating sites and applications widely available these days are not what is needed as this aspect of your life is too important to be delegated carelessly.

We understand how busy your life can be and the value you place on your free time. Our registered Matchmaking Recruitment Method® is 100 % confidential and personalized and since we do not use mathematical algorithms to connect profiles, we strictly work on a one-by-one basis thereby avoiding any unnecessary exposure in the dating scene.


In Alcanda Matchmaking we have two options to help you find a life partner, based on the type of search you decide to initiate:

Client: (active search). Clients hire us to find a person who fits perfectly with their “ideal partner” requirements criteria and we engage in an active search for them. Clients need to sign a private contract which runs for six months. This type of search has a fixed cost as we guarantee a tailor-made process of professional and personalized services equivalent to those of any “Head Hunter”. For additional information about our fees, please contact us here.

Affiliate: (passive search). Affiliates do not hire us and therefore do not pay any fees. They have the opportunity to meet one of our exclusive Clients but there is no active search to find their ideal partner. We therefore cannot guarantee that we will introduce you to someone until one of our Clients requires someone fitting your profile. To access this option without cost simply complete our confidential questionnaire here.



Our clients have a very clear idea of what they want as a life partner and are well aware that no matter how discriminating they are, there is someone out there who responds to their needs and they rely on us to find their perfect match.

Our clients are CEOs, lawyers, bankers, doctors, businessmen, entrepreneurs, artists, etc… and the common denominator is that they are all successful in what they do. And they are also eager to find a life partner but do not have the time to do it themselves, or prefer to use their time doing something else.


We are often asked what kind of people invest in a Matchmaker alluding to how “simple” it is in the digital era to get to know people “blindly” and in many cases with minimal or no cost.

It may seem paradoxical but it is for this very reason that our exclusive and discriminating clients hire us; to filter out all the apparently available people, because our Clients, both men (47%) and women (53%) hold positions of high responsibility.

Furthermore, most of them are entrepreneurs (37%) Senior Executives or Directors (43%) who prefer to optimize their minimal free time rather then wasting it in an inefficient quest, which can be rather daunting and arduous.

Age is also a determining factor when deciding to invest in a Matchmaker since the vast majority of our Clients (84%) are over 40 years old. Probably because younger people (<30) have a higher amount of energy and desire to experiment in their own quest, but they also less demanding in terms of life experiences and partner requirements.

It is in middle age (41-50) when after having lived through several experiences with varying degrees of success, they realize that what they need is a life partner. Now is the time to look for that special companion to share your life with and enjoy a well-deserved rest after all your years of effort. Mature love is more peaceful and durable which is just what our clientele is looking for.