• Alcanda Matchmaking is the very first company in Spain to use Executive Search techniques to help you find your life partner. We are not a contact site or a marriage agency; we are indeed the 1st Matchmaking company in Spain.
  • We have a lot of experience working with discriminating clientele who value their privacy and their time and do not want to waste it by attempting to find a life partner themselves through ineffective means (Internet, entertainment events, nightlife, dating agencies…).
  • NOur success is based on the personal relationships we develop with each and every client in order to understand their values and fundamental life interests, philosophy and goals, as well taking into account past experiences in order to avoid falling into past mistakes and patterns. Our only objective is to help find your “perfect match”.
  • If you feel that now is the time to share your life with that “special someone”, then we invite you to visit our website and contact us if you have any questions or require any further information. Make the first move and begin your new life with a companion. We are sure you will not regret it!
  • I love you not for who you are but who I am when I´m with you

    —Gabriel García Márquez

  • In the matter of love the mad are those with more experience. Do not ask a sane about love; they love sanely which is like not loving at all

    —Jacinto Benavente

  • Love existed before soul did.

    —Eduard Punset

  • 82% of singles are looking for a relationship and 96% declare to be unhappy with their marital status

    —La Gaceta newspaper

  • Solitude, self-chosen or not, is the great enemy of modern society.

    —Verónica Alcanda

  • Wise people are wise only because they love. Fools are fool only because they think they can understand love.

    —Paulo Coelho

  • A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; love is the prerogative of the brave.

    —Mahatma Gandhi

  • If you love until it hurts; there cannot be more hurt, only more love.

    —Mother Teresa of Calcutta

  • The heart has reasons that Reason does not know.

    —Blaise Pascal

  • All our clients are interviewed in person. The use of algorithms has no place in our business model. Personalised service and discretion are crucial.

    —Verónica Alcanda

  • A good matchmaker is never off-duty. They attend exclusive events, art exhibitions, after-works, private parties, etc. Always with a watchful eye.

    —Harper’s Bazaar

  • 81% of people seeking love on Internet lie on their profiles.

    —Loventine Blog

“Matchmaking; a new and unique method for finding your life partner in a private and confidential manner.”



It is a personalized, private and confidential service for discriminating people who value their time and privacy and have not lost hope in achieving a happy life with somebody special.

If this is your objective, what are your options presently? Spending hours navigating on the Internet, opening the door to your heart to unknown strangers, trying to seduce them in the cold cyberspace; clubbing or frequenting bars; or using traditional dating agencies. The chances of success with any of these alternatives is rare and the resulting emotional consequences can be very intense. Matchmaking differs from all of them as it is much more effective.

Although “Professional Matchmaking” in Spain is a relatively new concept, it has been proven successful for more than two decades in the United States and Northern Europe, where it is widely used in the most sophisticated circles with exclusive clientele.

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Our collaboration with clients is based on fundamental key principles of Respect, Efficiency, Privacy and Confidentiality.

The process starts with an initial face to face meeting where mutual suitability will be assessed together. Then, we will identify the “must have” characteristics of the ideal partner focusing on emotional, cultural and other various affinities. In this way we will avoid falling again into past patterns and mistakes.

To achieve the ultimate objective, there is no mystery rather it requires diligent work as we apply our unique Recruitment Matchmaking Method®, a patented method with several benefits in which we apply some of the techniques commonly used in the executive search field (Head Hunting).

However, since we are talking about personal lives and not business, we delve into our clientele’s personality traits and needs to find the right partner for them.

“Professional Matchmaking is a personalized, exclusive, private and confidential for discriminating clientele.”



Successful people are by their nature reluctant to admit that finding the right partner may require some help. But realistically this search without the help of a professional can be very difficult and arduous.

If you are a dynamic, cosmopolitan, and cultivated individual with a sophisticated lifestyle and value your time, then you could be one of our exclusive clients. We adapt our services to your needs, introducing to you only profiles with the same level and lifestyle. The result is to form a long lasting companionship in order to enjoy together everything that you have achieved separately. …Make the first move and contact us today to become one of our exclusive clients and change your life.

However, should you like to meet one of our exclusive clients, we invite you to join us as a free member. Please tell us about yourself and your ideal partner and we will contact you when your profile fits one of our client’s requirements.

If you want to learn more about the difference between our clients and affiliates, as well as the profile of our current clients, please click here.

“If you are a dynamic, cosmopolitan, and cultivated individual with a sophisticated lifestyle and value your time, then you could be one of our exclusive clients.”



Alcanda Matchmaking was born from the firm belief that everyone is entitled to be happy and that complete happiness is the one we share with someone special.

To do so, we help our clientele by implementing a method similar to the ones used by executive search firms (Head Hunters) to proactively locate an ideal partner based on predefined profiles. Therefore, we are not an on-line dating site or a marriage agency.

What makes us different?

  • Exclusivity, because not everyone can access to our services;
  • Our guarantee of privacy through personal interviews off-line;
  • Our commitment confidencialidad to confidentiality by signing a private contract as defined by Deloitte;
  • Personal attention with an individualized approach to each client;
  • Our patented Recruitment Matchmaking Method®;
  • Adicional services in order to increase the chances of success.

Our services range from the search process itself to professional coaching and personalized advice throughout the process.

Our fees are directly related to the quality of service we provide and any additional services required. For more information about our fees, please contact us.


After more than 20 years of working experience within the service industry, leading management positions in multinational companies in Europe, USA, Latin America, Asia and Australia, I can say that relationships are one of the most difficult things to manage and pose some of the greatest challenges to any person.

Obviously, the competitive business world is not comparable to the domain of love and partnerships. However, there are some analogies; In both cases we are actually talking about relationships between people, where desires, passions, personality traits, etc. are often highly difficult to match, despite our best efforts.

In Alcanda Matchmaking we apply my professional expertise and knowledge gained from closely working with other cultures in order to develop a personalized approach using our exclusive Recruitment Matchmaking Method®.

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I am often asked how the idea of creating my company emerged. The realization of Alcanda Matchmaking is the result of many years of studying at reputable schools and working really hard in multinational companies in several countries, which allowed me to enrich myself personally and professionally, although I think the true vocation of becoming a “matchmaker “came much earlier as a child where I learned lessons of loyalty, honesty and respect which are all essential values in any relationships.

I have therefore made this video about the true origins of my vocation to “match hearts” from a very personal point of view. I believe it will help you to understand the passion that I bring to my work and my company.

I hope you like it!


“Our services range from the search process itself to professional coaching and personalized advice throughout the process.”



Often, in the long-run, successful people may end up lonely.

If you have spent most of your lifetime focusing on a professional career in order to achieve a comfortable lifestyle, why not invest in something as important as emotional stability. Find that special someone to share the rest of your life with.

Like in any other important aspects of your life you rely on professionals you trust; now you have a specialized service to help you achieve your long-term personal goals.


As we evolve, we value our time more and therefore try to optimize it as much as possible.

In Alcanda Matchmaking we spend all the time necessary to find the right partner so your time is optimized. We use all resources possible in order to find profiles that fit perfectly with your ideal partner requirements.

Hiring our services will save you time that you can spend enjoying life’s other activities.


We are often told that we are one of the best kept secrets and we intend to keep it that way.

The right of our clientele to their utmost privacy is guaranteed at all times and therefore the use of the Internet as a match process is not our business model. The initial interview and subsequent meetings are made exclusively in person.

To ensure the strictest privacy, all of our clients as well as all of our professional partners (lawyers, psychologists, etc.) sign a confidentiality agreement.


Who has not experienced deceptions in love? Fed up with disappointments, some people settle on spending a lonely life by themselves. Others keep on kissing frogs (and toads), waiting to hopefully find their significant other.

In Alcanda Matchmaking we do not believe in princes – and princesses – fairy tales, but we do believe in finding the right person to share a full and complete life with.

If you think it’s time, if you feel the desire to rekindle the spark in your life and experience the joy that comes from sharing your days with someone special, Alcanda Matchmaking has the solution for you.

“We do not believe in princes – and princesses – fairy tales but we do believe in finding the right person, in a private and confidential manner.”

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