Matchmaking is a personalized service aimed at finding, in a professional and confidential manner, an ideal life-partner for its Clients. It offers clear advantages over other “dating channels” commonly used nowadays; such as Internet and the new mobile applications (Apps) but also the old fashioned “matrimonial agencies”. It is precisely because of these benefits the reason why our Clients place their trust on us by hiring the Alcanda Matchmaking exclusive services. These benefits are:


The Candidates that we introduce to our Clients throughout the process have the legitimate desire to find a long-lasting life-partner and not only someone to have some fun with for a while.

Furthermore, the information related to these Candidates (marital status, age, life expectations, professional background, etc.) is legit because our Consultants at Alcanda Matchmaking make the necessary verifications prior to introduce them to our Clients.

We ensure the Candidates have the socio-cultural level; personality and emotional expectations our Clients requested us since we analyze these traits in depth during the personal interviews we conduct with each Candidate in person.




Our Client’s identity is never exposed during the whole process. Their privacy and confidentiality is safeguarded at all times, as his/her identity will always remain anonymous from our side.

They will only disclose it in the event that, during the introduction “the spark emerges” between them and they decide to provide more information to the Candidate, but Client personal data will never come from us.

Moreover, all our business partners (lawyers, psychologists, consultants, etc.) sign with us a confidentiality agreement as a prerequisite to collaborate with us in each process.


Since our Method is based on the concept of “active search” which is also used by professional Head Hunters in the executive search when Companies hire them to find a CEO, Executive Director, etc. and are unable to find her/him for themselves in the job market.

Alcanda Matchmaking has adapted this active search by developing its exclusive “Recruitment Matchmaking Method”®.




We proactively develop the search process tailored to each Client taking into account his/her personal needs, past experiences, personality and life expectations.

To do this, we conduct various in-person meetings with them which allow us to get to known them deeply, delving into their history, socio-cultural reality, sentimental background, hobbies, habits and different interests in order to determine the most appropriate “searching profile” for their ideal partner.


Based on our experience and knowledge of matchmaking and on personal relationships, we advise and accompany our Clients all the way to ensure the success of the process.

From the moment of defining the searching profile; sharing information we gather from “the “market”; incorporating our “lessons learned” during the process; resolving doubts; providing effective tools of interpersonal relationship, etc.

The professionalism of Alcanda Matchmaking with over 20 years experience in the field of Human Resources and business management is at our Clients full disposal.




Those who do not have much time, or prefer to use it in other activities, rely on us as professionals Matchmakers to find for them their dream life- partner.

Search efficiency is guaranteed because we are committed to dedicate all the time necessary in the search so the Client can optimize his/her, while we use our resources in order to find profiles that fit perfectly with our Clients requirements.